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Porfido ventaglio (Click to enlarge)
Porfido Ventaglio (Click to enlarge)

Nuraghe series (Click to enlarge)
Nuraghe Series (Click to enlarge)

Pietra di carbonara (Click to enlarge)
Pietra Di Carbonara (Click to enlarge)

Tact tiles
Tact Tiles

Looking to build a new patio? Need some patio tiles? Or some accessories to make your patio complete? Then look no further the information provided on this site should provide you with all the help you need.

Patio Tiles

Outdoor patio (Click to enlarge)
Outdoor Patio (Click to enlarge)

"Ferrogres" is the trade name of the paving and extruded ceramic covering company Cedonosa which was funded in 1940.

Cedonosa (Ferrogres) is located in Catoira, in the Pontevedra province, with an area of 55,000 m2, covered surface area of 22,000 m2, with 130 personnel, and an annual production capacity estimated at 1,000,000 square meters of rustic stoneware.

Manufacture involves two clearly differentiated lines:
Natural Ferrogres which, as its name implies, are the clays as they are extracted from the mines, with no additives whatsoever. In the kiln, these develop their natural coloring of fired earth.

Glazed Ferrogres which are the same clays, covered with a layer of ceramic glazing to give different effects and characteristics to the final product.

Natural (Click to enlarge)
Natural (Click to enlarge)

Centro commercial (Click to enlarge)
Centro Commercial

The outdoor patio, natural, centro comercial and premio Ferrogres aquitectur pictures can be seen at the Farrogres website found on the right of this page. These patio tiles can be see with a wide selection of other tiles, refer to their website for prices and shipping.

Tact Tiles
Tact Tiles Piazza flooring are a good idea for you patio, these tiles can give your patio an attractive, clean and smart outdoor look.

These tiles are ideal also for bare feet with its anti slip grip, Piazza tiles also take no time to drain and dry after its finished raining. You are able to lay Piazza tiles over many amount of different substrates including concrete, paving, ceramic tiles, wood decking and gravel.

For more information on purchasing these tiles refer to Tact Tiles website found on the right of this page.

Patio FurnitureFurniture - If you looking for wooden or aluminum patio furniture then maybe we can help. Look at the selection of furniture that is provide with links to sites with many more products for sale.

Patio Misting SystemsMisting Systems - In need of a patio misting systems? Here you can find out what a patio misting system is and what it does, and where you can buy one for your own patio.

Composite DeckingComposite Decking - The hottest new decking material which is a mix of plastic and wood called "Composite Decking". Decking provided by Xtendex, Ever Grain and Latitudes composite decking from Universal Forest Products.

Patio UmbrellasUmbrellas - Looking for some kind of special patio umbrellas? Then look no further with Paradise Blue, Flamingo Pink, Florida Orange and Americana your garden or time at the beach will be a colourful and rememberable one.

Ipe DeckingIpe Decking - Ipe decking has the highest, Class A fire rating, the same rating given to concrete & steel. Ipe wood is dark brown in color, like a mahogany, so not only lasts a long time but has the beauty of a fine interior wood.

Indoor Outdoor Carpet TilesIndoor Outdoor Carpet Tiles - When laying indoor outdoor carpet tiles its often worth the cost of getting a professional to do the work for you. But if you want to save the money then give the project ago your self.

Outdoor Patio TileOutdoor Tiles - Make your outdoor patio tile the talk of the street with Tact Tiles, a plastic patio tile that lets you lay your own patio easy. Also find out how to lay your dream patio.

Deck TilesDeck Tiles - Deck tiles can be used for a number of things including shower flooring, roof deck above a garage flooring for trade shows, flea markets, flooring in front of equipment and flooring in barns to just name a few.

Wood Deck TilesWood Deck Tiles - Wood deck tiles are a lovely way to spice up your patio or any kind of decking DIY plans you have for your garden or yard. Check out on this page wood decking tiles and finishing corner decking tiles.

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Premio ferrogres architecture (Click to enlarge)
Premio Ferrogres Architecture

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