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Patio TilePatio Tile - Looking to build a new patio? Need some patio tiles? Or some accessories to make your patio complete? Then look no further the information provided on this site should provide you with all the help you need.

When laying indoor outdoor carpet tiles its often worth the cost of getting a professional to do the work for you. But if you want to save the money then give the project ago your self.

Advice on Laying Carpet Tiles
When laying carpet tiles its often worth the cost of getting a professional to do the work for you. But if you want to save the money and give the project ago your self then there some things you need to remember to make your job as professional as possible.

You will need the surface your are about to cover to be smooth and clean, whether its concrete or wood. Sweep the floor and hoover thoroughly, don't forget to check the floor for any nails or screws. Check for any concrete bumps or defects in wood, such as broken boards. Smooth or repair, as needed.

Try to do you project when the temperature is moderate with low humidity, planning ahead with upcoming weather reports is very important. It makes sense not to lay your tiles while its raining but temperature and humidity is and important factor.

Some jobs will require glue, where carpet is subject to very forceful traffic, such as dogs or children sliding or running. Glue is also recommended for fully exposed outdoor installations. For most cases, double sided adhesive tape will work fine.

Indoor Outdoor Carpet Tiles, China Indoor Outdoor
China Indoor Outdoor

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Measure the area you are about to cover and lay a few tester rows before actually sticking the indoor outdoor carpet tiles down. Tiles are easier to lay than rolls of carpet, lay out some tiles, starting from the center. Try to arrange the layout so that no less than a half tile is needed around the perimeter.

Lay double faced tape around the edges of the room first, using long strips. Within the room area, place tape in the shape of a large 'X', every foot over the entire surface. Leave the paper attached to the upper side of the tape.

Starting at the center, remove the tape from a few "X"'s. Press the indoor outdoor carpet tiles firmly onto the tape, taking care not to twist. At the wall, you'll need to cut tiles or rolls to fit.

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Conductive Floor Tile (Click to enlarge)

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