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Patio TilePatio Tile - Looking to build a new patio? Need some patio tiles? Or some accessories to make your patio complete? Then look no further the information provided on this site should provide you with all the help you need.

Make your outdoor patio tile the talk of the street with Tact Tiles, a plastic patio tile that lets you lay your own patio easy. Also find out how to lay your dream patio.

Pedestrian tile
Pedestrian Tile

Tact Tiles
Tact Tiles offer you a plastic floor tile for you to create your own easy to lay patio. These plastic tiles offer you a comfortable underfoot feeling and provide a free draining surface.

These patio tiles can be laid over the top of several different substrates, for example concrete and old paving slabs to create a smart unified new look. These patio tiles are easily laid by just tapping them together using a rubber mallet.

Laying Outdoor Patio Tiles
This project is going to be using durable manmade ceramic tiles in sizes 12"x12", 6"x12", and 6"x6" and also randomly spacing decorative tiles throughout the pattern. This is a step by step guide helping you learn how to lay outdoor patio tiles.

To prepare for this task select your tiles and make sure you have all the tools and materials you will need for the job. Lay out a partial amount of tile on your surface to judge and make sure the spaces are correct, just arrange the pattern to your taste and see how many tiles you will need to cut.


Tile spacers.
Thin Set.
Wet tile cutter (can be rented).
Buckets for mixing.

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Tact Tiles - Anti-slip flooring, garage flooring, tennis court flooring, swimming pool tiles, sports flooring, changing room floors and outdoor patio tiles. www.tacttiles.com

When you have what you are doing planned out in your head, remove the tiles from the surface. Prepare a batch of thin set according to the manufacturer's instructions on the bag, this is a adhesive that will stick and hold the tile to the surface. Make sure the mixture is similar to cookie dough.

Spread out your thin set in to small areas, one section at a time. Start to lay your border near the wall, once the first corner is laid out using a square make sure all your tiles are straight before putting down any more. It is best to leave a space between each tile, use spacers but remember to remove them before grouting.

Working your way to the edge of the patio, at this stage you will need a wet saw to cut the tiles. When you have reached the end of your patio you may need to cut some of the tiles to fit. Once you have all your tiles in place leave over night to set.

Now its time for you to grout, spread your grout mix all over the tile, make sure you fill every gap. Once finished go over all the tiles with a wet sponge and cloth until all your tiles are clean.

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